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Depuis 2007 Elzéar a rencontré des centaines d’acteurs de l’agribusiness et en a observé les évolutions. Le cabinet accompagne les entreprises du secteur en les dotant des meilleurs talents techniques, commerciaux et financiers.

La France est le premier producteur agricole de l’Union européenne. En 2018 la production était estimée en valeur à 73 milliards d’euros (16,9% du marché européen) avec près de la moitié de la superficie de son territoire dédiée aux cultures (30 millions d’hectares).

Le secteur agricole doit répondre à de nombreux enjeux : croissance démographique, changement climatique, épuisement des énergies fossiles, vieillissement et problèmes de santé, perte de biodiversité… Découvrez en plus sur votre cabinet de recrutement agricole
Today, agriculture faces many challenges such as demographic growth, climate change, fossil fuel depletion, population ageing and the associated health concerns, and the loss of biodiversity. One of the most promising solutions to these challenges is precision agriculture, which enables more efficient management of cultivated land. The agricultural sector, where strong growth is expected in the coming years, is beginning to attract a new generation of professionals specialising in information technology, artificial intelligence and investments.

Agriculture represents 450,000 farmers and 895,000 employees. By pursuing career paths which expose them to the sector’s new challenges, candidates develop their employability while offering an increasingly rich palette of expertise to future employers.



Elzéar Agribusiness was born of two firm beliefs:
  • Executive Search is a profession with specific methods and expertise.
  • Candidates in the agribusiness sector are at the heart of profound economic transformation.
Since 2007, Elzéar has regularly conducted executive searches for major agricultural suppliers and machinery manufacturers. We source technical experts as well as sales and executive managers.

Elzéar Agribusiness appartient au groupe Elzéar Executive Search, dont l’ensemble des équipes se tient à votre service :

Franck Jullié


Emmanuel Pilard

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Our expertise


  • Executive Management
  • Sales / Exports – Marketing
  • Purchasing / Supply Chain / Operations / After-Sales Service
  • R&D
  • Finance
  • HR


  • Agricultural machinery
  • Agricultural supplies
  • AgriTech
  • Crop production


Elzéar Agribusiness draws on the Elzéar Group’s extensive know-how to identify and qualify talent in France and abroad. Using this process, we are able to provide a candidate shortlist within four to six weeks on average.

The candidate files we provide to our clients give a detailed view of each individual’s career path coupled with our own analysis of his or her profile.
Throughout the search, we send a weekly progress report to our client.
Detailed, consultative analysis of the client’s industry, culture and organisation; desire to gain a deeper understanding of each client by digging beneath the surface.
Complete review of the position to be filled and of the ideal candidate’s profile; creation of search guidelines.
Mapping of the organisations most likely to offer the best candidates.
Methodical – and confidential if necessary – contact with potential candidates or with contacts able to point us to the best candidates.
Assessment interviews with identified candidates that go beyond professional skills to focus on finer details and soft skills.
Creation of candidate files based on due diligence and referrals.
Coordination of candidate interviews with the various client representatives; professional references obtained for the finalist(s) and assistance provided during the final negotiation phase.
Contract signing support and follow-up of the newly hired candidate’s integration and development during the first year on the job.


The Elzéar identity was built on two cornerstones, one rooted in literature, the other in business.
First, why the name Elzéar? It comes from the work of French author Jean Giono, whose literature, often set in France’s Provence region, conveys his love of the land. In “The man who planted trees”, we discover a unique, generous, patient and determined character. His name is Elzéard Bouffier.
This novella is not only an ongoing source of inspiration for us, but also offers helpful advice on discernment, a skill that is required in our profession. Here is one example: “In order for the character of a human being to reveal truly exceptional qualities, we must have the good fortune to observe its action over a long period of years.”
Our second cornerstone is more economic in nature. However, when based on generous values, it is no less admirable in terms of performance and excellence.

At Elzéar Agribusiness, we help our clients recruit talent by building a solid relationship with them while providing a clear vision of what we do. Our precision, discretion and perseverance allow us to conduct searches for rare candidates in markets facing severe talent shortages. Because each team member has a keen interest in agribusiness, we are able to seek out that special something in a candidate, that small slice of shared passion that will make the difference in identifying the right person for the job.

The agricultural sector makes up an economic and social fabric that greatly exceeds the sum of its parts. Its impact on our lives, landscapes, mentalities and collective imagination is considerable. Affected by constant change, the sector must strike a balance between tradition and technology. Shaped by this duality, agricultural professions and organisations are evolving, and must quickly adapt. People capable of meeting the sector’s modern-day demands are often rare. A certain know-how is required to determine where they are, and seek them out.